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Thursday, 26 August 2021 10:09

5 tools to develop Virtual Learning Objects

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Virtual Learning Objects (OVA) are digital tools used in virtual education. Within their methodology, they use ICT to complement the teaching processes in learning environments mediated by these technologies.

These objects are presented in various educational resources such as videos, audio, animations, interactive documents, mind maps, image collections, or any other element that presents content through which knowledge is transmitted and learning achieved.

OVAs in virtual education

The general structure of OVAs contains an objective, content, learning activity, and an evaluation mechanism. This didactic resource is independent; it is created to be reusable in various educational contexts and on different devices.

OVAs can be developed in various formats such as HTML, XML, JPEG, PDF, Flash, GIF, etc., which are compatible with different programs. It is recommended that it be structured under a standardization package, such as SCORM.

This will enhance the reuse of objects. The main objective of OVAs is that they can be distributed in different learning environments and used by everyone.

The OVAs are:

- Reusable: from an existing OVA, a new one can be modified or created, improving its content or used in other contexts.

- Compatible: its compatibility with other standards without technical inconveniences when using them.

- Structured: with an interface that is easy to use and explore by the user, with an attractive design.

- Effective: they help to buy cheap essays online uk.

The reliability of the content they present is important, which must be timely according to the subject of study. In addition, it must be approached with a pedagogy that responds to the needs of the users.

Tools to develop an OVA

By developing and using an OVA, students can learn at their own pace and independently. Similarly, tutors must know how to use these resources effectively, for which they must consider the pedagogy, content, technological support, and the objective of their creation.

The OVA does not contain the content of a unit of study. Rather, it is flexible and interactive content adapted to different teaching programs, incorporating cross-platforms and different levels of instruction. Some tools to develop an OVA are:

Animatron: is an online tool with which you can create HTML5 animations that work on different browsers and devices. It allows you to design interactive content such as videos and GIFs and share it. You can even invite other people to collaborate on a project.

There is a free version, and although it offers many resources, its use is limited. However, there is a monthly or annual subscription. With this tool, you can create complete videos with narration and music.

Slide Share: with this tool, you can create digital presentations on a wide variety of content. For some years now, he has been a part of LinkedIn.

It is one of the most used resources to share content since you can upload PowerPoint slides, PDF, Word documents, and some audio and video formats. To have access, a user must be created.

Piktochart: the facility of this tool is to present summarized content through infographics. In this way, the platform where it is presented will be made more dynamic.

In addition, it allows you to create posters, presentations, or reports that are easy to share. There is a free version in which it offers a certain amount of templates. However, a paid version can be purchased for 1 year or 5 years.

Vyond: is a tool for creating animated videos. Inside its library, it contains many pre-animated assets (characters, templates, accessories, etc.) that can be controlled through a simple interface.

The user can upload their own resources, such as audio, image, or video. The download can be done in MP4, GIF, or video presentations or upload to YouTube. There is a free version of 14 days and an annual subscription for a license or up to a maximum of 5.

Fotojet: is an application with which you can edit images or photos, design graphics, make a collage or montage of photos to be shared. Provides the user with a wide variety of technical tools. It is an online tool.

It offers a free version with many basic tools at your disposal, and there is the Premium version, where you have more resources to create new designs. Fotojet is powerful and easy to use.

An important reminder is to include an evaluation method,  promoting self-evaluation or co-evaluation. They can be activities where the student shares, promotes, discusses, and analyzes the content studied. OVAs help interactively facilitate these new learnings.

A crucial step is to test the new object with users to correct any errors or bugs. This way, you can verify the content before publishing the final version.

Do you know any other tool to develop an OVA?

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We are a community of people struggling with mental health issues, you are not alone!