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  • An open question to Christians (and other religious people)

    So. Taking what I understood from when I was younger, I basically felt like I wasn't supposed to feel any emotion at all unless it was good and any problems I had would be fixed if I prayed. (Yes, I'm an Atheist now) So my question is three-fold. Why do you continue to put your faith in a deity which has shown no sign of existing aside from what you are told to believe? Why do you follow a doctrine which teaches you that no matter how bad a person was in life, if they were religious they can still go to heaven (Example, lets say a woman doesn't like kids and murders 20 children, all she has to do is go and say 'I regret this' in a church and BANG, she can go to heaven regardless of anything she did in life) But a person who isn't religious at all will get cast down into 'hell' even if they did nothing but spend their life helping others? Last but not least, if you have been religious your entire life and you suffer from depression, have you ever considered the possibility that it could BE the religion contributing to your depression? Like I said, this is an open question, I'm open to hearing what you have to say, but if you get insulting, I'll just ignore whatever argument you have.
  • extreme ocd and skin picking???

  • How do I get the moderator to approve the groups I'm trying to make? I already tired to make 3

  • i was diagnosed with depression about 6 to 7 months ago , and i was felling also too much anxiety now it appears to became even worst , anyone have those two or one can induce the other?

  • Lasting Results using Alpha Stim?

    I bought an Alpha Stim ( over a year ago. It seemed to really take the edge off of my anxiety, at first. I noticed right away that it helped with the physical symptoms of my anxiety (GAD and Panic Attacks). It also seemed to help my depression, not get as "dark" as it usually did. However... It seemed to have stopped working a few months ago!? I wonder who else has tried Alpha Stim, and how it helped or did not help them.
  • Need help with relationship anxiety

    Hi, I proposed a girl last year and got turned down by her. A few weeks ago I received a text from him reading that she wants to be with me. I readily accepted her proposal. We have been a relationship two weeks ago but I dont get the feeling that we are in a relationship. There are no butterflies in my stomach. We rarely text. I asked her multiple times to talk over the phone but she said that she is too busy to talk. I dont like this. I am under constant pressure that things are not going as well as they should. I am always thinking about her. But I dont think she feels the same about me. I need help with this!! this anxiety is destroying my mental balance. Regards Relationship Newbie.
  • Placebo effects

    This is an opinion piece for everyone. Let's say that you know, or are aware of someone who suffers from depression or Anxiety. If they are taking some form of medication or self-medication that you KNOW has no real effect, for example people who say that wearing specific flowers or holding specific stones, do you think it is fair to tell them that it is a placebo effect, or do you feel it is NEEDED to tell them that it is a fake effect. On the other hand, if you see someone taking their own form of medicine, or having their own form of help do you think it would be uncaring or abusive to tell them that their 'medication' is nothing but their imagination?
  • QUESTION TO EVERYBODY. Cheating IS Cheating is it not?

    Somebody I know thinks that cheating is only "real" cheating if you sleep with someone or touch them sexually. This is a question to EVERYBODY, what do you think cheating is? Is she right to say that cheating is only if they fuck them. Or is it like what she did where she was busy loving someone else for 3 months while I wasn't looking?
  • Someone to heal with

    are there writing groups here? the group list is too long to keep searching through.
  • Where do i go from here? (after suicide attempt)

    So I probably shouldn't say this online, but I've got no where else to turn? Trigger warning, I'm about to go into detail of a suicide attempt. You have been warned. I tried to kill myself three times in two days. First time I swallowed a bunch of pills. half a bottle of expired Ibuprofen tablets, some children's pain meds that were expired but still worked, and a bunch of un opened single pill tablets with no labels. All things you wouldn't miss if you looked through the cabinet. I woke up the next day not feeling even remotely sick, went out to the railroad tracks with the intent to jump in front of the train, but ended up getting too scared of the loud sounds it made and froze in place both times the train passed, gave up, went home, drank some iced tea, and started cleaning the house out of guilt before throwing up everywhere (I hadn't eaten anything, it was hot out and the rails are a ways away, so it might've just been from drinking something cold after that). That night I took an entire, new, unopened bottle, of Ibuprofen, and an extra eight tablets from an already open bottle. I then took a swig of Pepto-Bismol in hopes that I wouldn't throw up if I took it, and then took a swig of Nyquil in hopes that it would make me fall asleep. Neither of these things worked. I was up all night, and threw up the entire next day. It was mostly bile from my abused liver, but either way it didn't work. My little cousins came over to hang out because it WAS MY MY COUSIN'S BIRTHDAY. I was so guilty that I almost made her birthday my death day. I felt like such a bad family member, because I am. I'm a bad role model, and a bad person. The whole time they were there, the younger ones just compared me to a vampire because their mother keeps calling me that when i'm not around. (Because I never leave the house, I sleep during the day and am awake all night) My aunt is trying to be nice, but I know she thinks i'm just a lazy piece of garbage. Only the younger children could tell I was acting strange that day. one of them even said I looked depressed. I felt bad for making them worried, and made excuses to go outside while they had cake. I went to sleep that night but couldn't sleep. I stayed awake the whole last night, and when I woke up, I went to turn in yet another application for work. This time I went to a really cute doggy daycare. Their application asked for a lot of professional references, which I didn't have, but I wrote a compelling argument, and made a good first impression by holding the doors open for some employees and some really sweet elderly people with the cutest dogs. I sang a really happy song on the way back. I collected feathers and flowers on the side of the road, which I would normally feel stupid doing. I felt so... different. I felt like I wasn't myself. I felt happy. Tomorrow is mother's day. I don't want to make my mom sad on mother's day. We're supposed to go to my aunt's house on her side of the family but they're the most judgmental side of the family. I'm feeling relatively okay right now, but if I go over there and they ask me snidely why I don't have a job still... I know i'll relapse. Do I want to relapse? Does it count as relapsing even after such a short time from the last try? I don't even know. I don't know where to go from here. I don't know why things feel so bright right now... It's weird. I have no idea what I should do, but i'm going to try to bake cookies or brownies for tomorrow. any advice would be helpful. And please don't be too judgmental, I don't know if I can take it.


we are a community of people struggling with mental health issues, you are not alone!



We are a community of people struggling with mental health issues, you are not alone!