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Anxiety attack during sex?

Till a few days ago I didn't had this situation. I wasn't up for sex but my boyfriend was for it and I felt it like some kind of pressure. During it I had something like deja vu, in my toughs it all looked like some nasty situation. So I started to freak out and he stopped. Could this be anxiety attack?
Category: Symptoms 10 years ago
Asked 10 years ago

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First of all, no means no. If you don't want sex, don't do it. It's understandable to feel pressured in wanting to make your significant other happy, but what about your needs? I'm sure your boyfriend would understand whenever you weren't up for intercourse. I'm glad to read he stopped when you had enough. You didn't want the intimacy in the first place, and your body reacted in a way that seems relatively normal to me. Especially with someone dealing with PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder). If you have a history of sexual abuse, experiencing anxiety during intercourse is normal (but can be terrifying). Often someone with PTSD can experience triggers and flashbacks of their past abuse during intercourse. If you weren't at any time sexually abused in your life, the anxiety episode could be attributed to stress, your emotional well being, your dissatisfaction in your current relationship, or just simply not wanting to be intimate at the time.
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Answered 10 years ago

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