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how do you cope?

Hi, I've just joined this site today. I have browsed around peoples answers and questions and would like to ask one of my own.

I was a very active, outgoing, never out of the action person before anxiety struck. I've always had problems with phobias i.e health, sickness but managed it well.
I have a gambling addiction which I was also able to manage. Due to my severe anxiety (as said by a doctor) I am unable to work and do day-to-day activities. I am as close to housebound as it gets. Also as you can imagine I am unable to fund such gambling addiction.
I have been placed on Citalopram 30mg which has helped with the anxiety while at home but almost useless in the real world. I have split up with my girlfriend as I can't do anything with her, I could only just about have sex without having my brain spun around the room! Honestly, it would just be comforting knowing someone has been in my situation and come out the other side as I cant see a light at the end of the tunnel.
Category: Anxiety 9 years ago
Asked 9 years ago

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i'm not out the other end yet but so far the most helpful thing is just letting go. i've been unable to leave my house long enough now that i'm starting to not care. i just let my anxious feeling be because i know that i probably won't die but if i do it's not the worst thing that could happen seeing as i'm not doing anything with my life. it doesn't work all the time but starting to let go of control and trying to know without fearing that one day i'll die has been the most helpful step so far. i just always reassure myself that whatever happens it's ok. if i die today i'll have as many tour de france titles as lance armstrong and twice as many testicles so at least i'll be going out on top. i hope that made sense and is helpful
Tyler Durden
Answered 9 years ago
Tyler Durden

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