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how to calm down after a breakdown

Ok so I recently got caught by my mother while I was secretly watching kpop videos on my school iPad, and she went through my iPad, which gives me extreme anxiety. She finally gave it back, and I am now in my room having a nervous breakdown. I can barely stop crying and I can't breathe and my heart is pounding and I can't calm down. What I normally do when I get like this is watch funny kpop videos on YouTube, but I can't do that now or else my mom will get mad at me. If I tell her that when she does that, it gives me anxiety, she will just get suspicious and not help at all. She knows about my anxiety, but she doesn't really understand it. I have to stop crying and having anxiety over things like this, but I can't use my usual method and I'm freaking out. I'm trying deep breaths, etc. but it's not working. And whenever I think about it it just makes me start crying again. Please help me out here!
Category: Anxiety 5 years ago
Asked 5 years ago

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