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Friday, 21 May 2021 10:34

10 Most Common Mistakes in Interview

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On interviews people seek to demonstrate the best qualities that the employer knew at once: we must take. But unconsciously, and sometimes the best intentions make mistakes that can fatally damage the impression. What we can not speak for an interview? Why should not require? How to sit? Where to look? On the most obvious and non-obvious mistakes job seekers tell professional resume writers.


1. The worst mistake – blame previous employers. Even if you craftily deceived for years without pay, moral and humiliated, deprived of bonuses, beaten and tortured before your eyes defenseless animals – it is better to remain silent. 


2. You can not talk about their personal problems. For example, to explain their departure from the previous job: “I left because divorced, sick, son rolled over the slope and received a bad mark, my grandmother died …” – at my grandmother cares. 


3. Coming into the company to higher positions should not be regarded as the primary meeting with the HR people from the humiliation of their honor and dignity. First, a demonstration of an extreme degree of snobbery. Secondly – the complete lack of understanding of corporate culture and simple rules. For example, a CEO should not ask what kind of salary wants to be a future top manager, and such questions are usually pre-shake down HR-s.


4. Do not hold back, or, conversely, to climb on an imaginary stool and talk to interviewers about themselves, making it impossible to insert the word. Both extremes, to put it mildly, did not have a companion – or, in other words, show that the applicant have no skills of self-presentation. It is forgivable for programmers who deal primarily with writing code, but a drawback for people whose work involves regular interaction with people.


5. Rather rashly not listen to what they say your interlocutors. First, professionals resume services online ‚Äčimmediately noticed the scattered mind (you’ve come to praise himself, and you something to tell us what a bore!). Secondly, you can skip past the ears of important information. In the third place, losing the thread of conversation, the man at the same time losing the ability to manipulate the interlocutor.


6. If you sovrete about his position and salary at a previous job – make sure this necessarily know (call management, check with your former colleagues, many ways). By the way, the salary they lie about 60% of all applicants.


7. It is best not to lie at all: neither on nor on non-work related things. Often, candidates seeking to appear diversified people ascribe his passion for theater, creativity, early Pre-Raphaelite and other diving. And forget about the risk of running into an expert in one of these areas who can not restrain himself and not ask your soul mate on his hobbies. Better something silent than to exaggerate.


8. But there are things that in no case be silent – for example, your own business. Employers, especially large ones, are not fond of the fact that employees have a business, believing that such a person – or unlucky, and can not feed their own business, or completely immersed in your business and work in the company just fear. Concealment is fraught with unpleasant consequences such as dismissal or forced entry of employer in a business employee.


9. Attempts to describe the future direction of what they are fools and are not treated, but “I know how to save you” – another tragic mistake of the majority. “When I come to you, the first thing’ll fire your entire department,” – say it, and make sure you do not come anywhere.


10. It is not recommended to refuse the test tasks from resume services, arguing that its refusal by saying that “it’s all nonsense.” Saying “I’ll write you a test concept, and you steal it, not taking me to his” can not be too (although some of it and come) – wishing to find a good job should not be petty. So what if you give someone an idea – not a hand giving scanty

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We are a community of people struggling with mental health issues, you are not alone!