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Wednesday, 07 July 2021 15:17

Tips for Organizing your Study Space by Magic Learning

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Online high school gives you freedom and removes the constraints that a classroom can provide, while allowing you to schedule time to study and combine it with work and family obligations. This flexibility can give you many options, and you may not know how, where, or when to study. Most online schools provide access to an academic databases. In which a student can find sample papers on any subject. As a virtual student, you have to learn to stay on track and stay in tune.



How to organize your study space and time



Suppose you have already decided to study high school online. In that case, you should be aware that you will need time and space to achieve your goal—experts in educational models in the distance modality and teaching-learning systems. Everything is through information technology tools, as well as the management of online educational platforms.



A quiet place



When studying high school online, classes and advising will occur in any place where the student is. Therefore, it is a good idea to find a quiet space where there are no distractions, while at the same time it is spacious enough to have your computer, your laptop and everything you need to study. You may need a lamp for good lighting.



Make sure you have good sound for watching videos and, of course, a fast internet connection to download files or chat with your advisors or virtual classmates.



A suitable place to study



In addition to being spacious and quiet, the place must be effective. By this, we mean that it should not be close to the television. Even if you have availability, take the desk out of your room. So you will not associate the study space with sleeping, nor should it be installed in the dining room because it may be related to food. Instead, look for a corner of your home where you can study and associate with learning.



As time goes on, you will begin to feel more focused as soon as you enter the space. If you don't have extra space at home to devote to studying, try putting it in a particular corner of your room.



Comfort when studying



In addition to a quiet space, the place must be comfortable. It is vital since you will spend some hours immersed in school so you must do it concentrated. Sometimes if our chair and space are not ergonomic, it is easy to get distracted by fatigue, discomfort, or back discomfort.



The whole set should allow you to have a good posture. That is, the table and chair should be designed to enable a comfortable posture. The chair should be relaxed, fit the desk's height, and allow your feet to rest on the floor. At the same time, the desk should let your computer be at a safe distance so that when you are in open online high school studies, your eyes do not end up tired.






You may have all the files and materials you will use for your studies within the school platform. It is instrumental and will make your existence easier. Either way, you may decide to print some files, take notes, consult some external source. All the information you choose to use should be kept organized, either inside or outside your computer.






Scheduling should be personal, and by the school's schedule, i.e., they may suggest a total number of hours per week. In this case, it is a good idea to try to respect this suggestion, since you will avoid delays and will finish your studies in the established time. When it is open, the online high school will usually have a time limit, and what you do not want surprise you and run the risk of not passing your exams; that is why you should be organized with the times. Managing a schedule will not only make your studies more accessible but will also help you set aside time for other areas of your life.



Avoid distractions on the web.



At the same time that the Internet provides the opportunity to study online, it can also represent a distraction window. If you are looking but decide to log on to your social networks with the idea of just a couple of minutes, chances are you won't be, and you will end up wasting hours. You may watch a video that has nothing to do with your classes or even end up watching a movie.



In this case, you should be careful not to procrastinate too much. Suppose you find it very difficult to concentrate or not to enter social networks. In that case, you can use applications that avoid entering certain pages on the web, so you can restrict the amount of time you spend on these distractions.



Make a routine



Establishing a routine will increase your chances of staying on top of what you need to do. Once you have your calendar of activities, assignments to do, material to read, test days, it is a matter of sitting down and taking a few moments to make a schedule of activities to establish a routine. You can organize yourself by creating blocks of time to study and read regularly.



Seek support


Both your friends and family can help, perhaps by giving moral support, others by helping with chores around the house, others by explaining a subject or topic that you did not understand well, among others. Help and cooperation can undoubtedly make it easier to concentrate on your studies.

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We are a community of people struggling with mental health issues, you are not alone!