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Tuesday, 21 September 2021 08:08

5 Types of Learning: Identify Yours | PaperHelp Review

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Contrary to popular belief, learning is not limited to studying or memorizing things. It goes far beyond storing information in our minds. Therefore, in this content, we will explain the most important types of learning that exist.



Over the years, psychology and pedagogy have tried to find the best ways to generate teaching methods that can cover most of the population while being continuous, but how many ways of learning are available to us, what types of learning are human beings capable of? Find out!



What are the main types of learning? Learn 5 of them



Far from general thinking, 13 different types of learning have been identified by science. Here we talk about 5 main ones:



1. Associative learning



It is the one that allows an individual to discover the association between two types of stimuli or between a push and a behavior. In this process, the human being establishes links between phenomena to learn and react to them.



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2. Non-associative learning



This refers to the type of learning that generates a behavior change when a repeated experience of a single stimulus — for example, habituation, sensitization, among others. For instance, after experiencing a lot of noise for a long time, our mind gradually stops perceiving it.



3. Meaningful learning



It is characterized by giving protagonism to the individual, where they collect, order, relate, selects, and establishes direct relations with previously acquired knowledge. That is, the person links a new experience with something already lived.



4. Cooperative learning



It refers to the type of learning that allows each person to learn together with peers. It usually takes place in classrooms. However, it is generally limited to 5 people.



5. Emotional learning



The last in our list is characterized by giving the individual the possibility of recognizing and managing their own emotions. This type of learning has to do with emotional intelligence and how our minds can directly influence our intrapersonal well-being.



While these are 5 of the most common in our lives, there are others such as:



  • Explicit
  • Implicit
  • Collaborative
  • Observational
  • Experiential
  • Memoristic
  • Discovery
  • Receptive



Each one has its characteristics and particularities that differentiate them from the others.



How do I identify my aptitudes and the ideal type of learning for me?



To find out the ideal type of learning for you, it is crucial to identify your aptitudes, tastes, and preferences when it comes to learning. For example, some people acquire knowledge better in a group or need to live experiences to seed their minds.



According to your particularities, you will find the optimal way to take advantage of everything you learn in your university studies.



What is the most effective type of learning?



While there is no single perfect type of learning, online learning is a teaching method proven to be efficient and flexible for many people. PaperHelp believes that because of this many people can adapt learning to their rhythms of life and find the most beneficial ways to learn.



In short, the types of learning only show us that we are all different and that each one of us has strengths and weaknesses that we must learn to take advantage of and enhance to be better students.



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we are a community of people struggling with mental health issues, you are not alone!


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We are a community of people struggling with mental health issues, you are not alone!